Building cleaner and healthier surroundings together.


Safeguarding the environment is not a new nor novel idea, it is what we need to do continuously in order for us to survive. Let's face it, we cannot live without air, water and food. So preserving these things, among others such as wildlife, living organisms, etc. is not optional. TAKING CARE OF THE ENVIRONMENT IS SOMETHING WE ALL HAVE TO DO.

It is common for individuals, companies, organizations, and governments to put economic interest over care and preservation of the environment. This has led to many challenges now facing everyone in Ontario and by extension Canada and the world, such as global warming, climate change, more illnesses, unhealthy and non nutritious food, and the shortage of safe and clean water, just to highlight a few. All of these negative effects are fixable and preventable, but with many regarding making money and having power as being more important than their health, and ultimately their lives, these problems continue to exist.

Nevertheless, there are many individuals and entities that are doing their part, and the Conservation Council of Ontario (CCO) believes, that if we work together, and encourage others to start acting, then we can solve all environmental challenges.

It won't be easy, but it can be done. Taking action and being consistent will make great positive impacts.

IT IS ALWAYS CHEAPER TO PREVENT THAN TO CURE. It is cheaper to drink fresh clean water from lakes, streams and underground sources, than from treated and/or desalinated water. It is cheaper to have grass, trees and lush vegetation, than to deal with floods, landslides and respiratory problems. It is cheaper to live a healthy lifestyle, than to be treating cancer, diabetes, and/or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).


'We Conserve' is the CCO's statement of commitment to a healthier environment. It's also the name of our initiative to build a stronger conservation movement in Ontario. 


Environmental Broadcast, Queens Park, Toronto, ON

The Conservation Council of Ontario (CCO) started formally in 1952 and is the organization responsible for seeking the establishment of a governmental body for Ontario - now the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change that was formed in 1972. Before then, the CCO was the main environmental body for the province of Ontario.

Today, the CCO is still a significant non governmental body in Ontario with representatives on various government committees, and participation province-wide. 

The CCO is managed and led by volunteers. Our membership is made up of over 100 active individuals, students, professionals, companies and organizations across the province, and we reach many active organizations and individuals on a regular basis.  


Currently we are restructuring the organization which includes the development of this new and simple site.

This site is still being developed. As such, we do not  accept online donations (as before with our site) until it is at the stage that we would like it to be.

Nevertheless, many have been sending donations by cheque that we greatly appreciate. Please address all cheques to THE CONSERVATION COUNCIL OF ONTARIO. All donations $20 and above will receive tax receipts.

 Our charity BN/Registration Number is 118874858 RR 0001.